... is an online booking system that provides a highly efficient way to make reservations and facilitate communication with customers.

Who can benefit from the system?

This system is specifically designed to meet the needs of business owners and businesses that offer direct customer service and communicate with their clients. The booking system is suitable for a wide range of industries including sports facilities, small services (such as hairdresser or spa), educational institutions, rental services, concert halls and many other businesses.

... and many others

Also suitable for your business


The reenio system adapts to the specific needs of your business with a wide range of design and reservation parameter settings.

Lectures, cultural events, workshops, children's camps, ...
Training courses, sports events, dance courses, ...
Wellness, cosmetics, surgeries, car services, ...
Aerobics, fitness, marketing events, sports activities, ...
Tickets, vouchers, ...
Room rental and more ...

Are you wondering if the online reservation system is right for you? Browse FAQ or DOCUMENTATION and try reenio.

I have very little time and I am afraid that the initial setup will take a lot of time.

The initial setup can only take a moment! Of course, it depends on the type of business and the scope of the offer or events. However, based on our experience and feedback from our clients, the time it takes to set up and start reservations most often varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We would compare the initial settings as creating a profile on a social network. It is very simple and user-friendly. There's nothing to worry about!

Plus, there's no need to set up all the information and all events at once. You can set most things up gradually, adding more services and events over time.

Simply put, the time you spend on your initial setup will get back to you in a week, saving you the time you spend personally or by making reservations and searching for a free appointment in the diary.

If you already have a database or a list of your customers, e.g. in Excel, it is no problem to import them into the system, which will make the whole system even easier.

I don't have a website, can I still use the reenio reservation system?

Of course! The reenio reservation system can even replace a part of the website.

With the reenio reservation system, you can easily and quickly create your own reservation website where you can have , in addition to the reservation calendar, basic business information and services offered.

At the same time, you can provide additional information for each service, such as direct contact to staff, photos, or a map of the place of service. The page is responsive, which means it is mobile-friendly.

I already have a website and want to link it to the reservation system, is it OK?

Yes, the reenio reservation page is normally accessible at a separate address (,,, etc.).

However, you can link the reservation form even with your existing website! The link is not technically dependent on how your current website is operated, just paste a simple code into your pages. This can be a reservation button (the reservation calendar opens separately) or a direct insertion of the reservation calendar into the website (the visitor is then still visually on your website). It sounds technically difficult, but believe it is not. Alternatively, you can contact our support or a friend who is a little web-oriented!

I prefer personal contact with clients.

Isn't it better to let the customer choose which way of making reservations is most comfortable for him?

The use of the reenio reservation system and phone orders are not excluded! On the contrary, these two options complement each other perfectly. A complicated negotiation on the phone about a date that suits both parties is totally unnecessary.

In the reservation system, customers can see when you are free and simply find the most suitable date for themselves. The details of the service can be arranged either personally or by telephone. You'll see a new reservation in the reservation system, so you can contact the customer by yourself (by e-mail, SMS, phone).

I am afraid I will have to invest a considerable amount of money in the necessary equipment and installation of the system.

You're worried unnecessarily! The reenio reservation system works as a service in the cloud (we use Microsoft technologies). So there's no need to install anything or buy servers or other demanding equipment. All you need today is a regular computer (or another modern device) with an Internet connection and a modern browser.

What if I don't know if the system is suitable for me? Can I try it tentatively?

There's nothing easier than signing up and trying the system for free in just a few minutes (set up and reserve).

The system is in FREE mode when you’re in no way fundamentally limited by functionality or time (no trial for 30 days), but only by some operating parameters. You can try the whole system to suit your business.

You can even start using it right away for real reservations for your clients. If you run out of the preset restrictions in the free version, you can smoothly upgrade to one of the higher subscription. Your customers won't even notice.

I need to check reservations directly at the event when customers arrive, is this possible?

Yes, you can use our mobile app to handle reservations. Download from Google Play or App Store to your mobile device. Then you can quickly check the status of specific reservations and change their status at the same time. In addition, if you enable the generation of barcodes or QR codes, all you have to do is point the phone camera (or another code reader) at the code sent in the confirmation e-mail, and the application will instantly display the details of the particular reservation, including other details.

I would like to arrange payment of the ordered services directly when making the reservation, can I?

Yes, we primarily work with the GoPay payment gateway, so there is no problem making online payments directly from our customers, including securing EET. All you have to do is set up a payment gateway at GoPay and just link the reservation system and payment gateway. In addition to direct online payments, it is also possible to use customer credit in the system. It is even possible to modify the final price of the reservation by the customer, using their own reservation forms, such as a discount on club membership, the price of additional services, etc.

We offer our customers different price discounts using discount codes, is it possible?

Yes, the reservation system includes support for managing and using discount codes, vouchers, gift coupons. Just enter specific codes into the system, set their parameters (number of uses, validity, amount of discount) and provide them to customers. When making a reservation, the customer can use this code to instantly adjust the price of the reservation, which they can also pay immediately.

Is it possible to sell tickets using the reservation system?

This is also possible. Thanks to the combination of payment gateway, payment requirement and QR code/PDF file generation, it is very easy to offer an event when its reservations can easily function as tickets. Thanks to the check-in application it is then very effective to check and invalidate them directly at the event. Tickets can be sold for all types of events. However, a special event is is called "seat reservation / seats" - thanks to this type it is possible to draw a specific schema of a ballroom, concert hall, bus, classroom, lecture room, etc. and to make reservations for specific places. The ticket then works not only as a pass for the event, but also as a seat reservation for a particular seat or table. Ideal for use at concerts, theatre performances or balls. You create a map of places by yourself, according to your specific needs and for free!

Download electronic manuals for FREE and without registration

We have prepared several PDF documents that describe the features of modern booking systems and also provide an overview how these on-line systems can help you in your business. These guides are designed for customer service providers and also for anyone who wants to improve the time planning and find an easier way to communicate with customers.