Different types of reservations and settings


The reenio reservation system provides a wide range of options for defining events and their parameters to offer an efficient way to make reservations and communicate with customers in different areas of business and services.

..., reservation and rental of rooms, photo studios, reservations for renting equipment, specific and specialized services, …

Capacity for more customers

Each specific date can be set to a defined capacity of registered customers.

Different venues

Individual dates can be held at different places, at different times, or run by different employees.

Flexible specification of dates

Thanks to a simple definition of reservation dates it is possible to create a schedule of events long in advance.

Prices of services

Depending on the settings, the dates may have defined prices for individual reservations.

Automatic notifications

By e-mail or SMS, customers will be notified of their current reservation and event.

Resource collision

Automatic check of resource availability (places, staff, services) related to events.

Regularly repeated events

Dates with regular recurrence and reservations throughout the run, for all dates.

Online payments

Thanks to the payment gateway integration, you can receive payments for your customers' reservations immediately when the reservation is created. Secure online payments are supplied by
GoPay   a Certified GoPay Supplier

Attendance under control

Thanks to separate reservations it is possible to have an overview of customers who arrive or not.

Dates with free reservations

Events can have rules that determine when and in what time period customers can make reservations.

The combination of different sources

The location, the service offered or the particular employee can all be selected by each customer.

Recurrence of dates

The simple set-up and repetition of dates for the definition of operating hours of individual services.

Of course, the system offers and includes a number of other features and options for efficient operation of the reservation system - there is no point in listing functions such as notes with customers, creating reservation calendars, choice of appearance and logo, etc. reenio Try it for FREE!
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Pass cards, vouchers and gift coupons, receiving payments from customers, alternates, custom forms, billing, marketing reports, …

... these are just some of the other important features that the reenio reservation system offers. Just register, try it and start using it!

Of course, the reservation system reenio cannot do everything you can think of or need. We know about this (also thanks to the Wish-list) and as we update and develop the system, we continue to expand and complement its functions.


Also suitable for your business


The reenio system adapts to the specific needs of your business with a wide range of design and reservation parameter settings.

Lectures, cultural events, workshops, children's camps, ...
Training courses, sports events, dance courses, ...
Wellness, cosmetics, surgeries, car services, ...
Aerobics, fitness, marketing events, sports activities, ...
Tickets, vouchers, ...
Room rental and more ...

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