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... is the online reservation system and one of the most effective ways to make reservations and communicate with customers.)

Who is the system for?

The system is designed for all business owners and businesses that offer direct customer services and meet customers. The reservation system will find its use in various sports facilities, small services (hairdressing, massages, etc.), education, rental of rooms, concerts and many other types of business.


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Online rezervations

Modern and fast way of communication with the customer. Time savings for staff and increased convenience for customers.

Automatic notification

We will automatically send an e-mail and SMS notification to your customers about their upcoming reserved event. This eliminates the risk that the customer will not come to the event.

Cloud solution

You don't care about hosting, technical background or product installation. Reenio is available anytime, anywhere. We use Microsoft Azure cloud.

Updates and new features

New improvements and updates of the system are brought every two months. We ask our customers about their opinions and needs. We are constantly improving the system.

Simple sign in

Customers see the offer of your services and available dates. Not only regular registered customers, but also new customers who want to order without registration can make a reservation.

Online payments

Thanks to the payment gateway integration, you can receive payments for your customers' reservations immediately at the time of booking. Secure online payments are supplied by
GoPay   a Certified GoPay Supplier

Customer database

A well-arranged database of customers and contacts enables to create various reports and realize marketing events.

Improvement of your service

You get insight into service usage, statistics, efficient customer communication, better time usage, and the possibility of reaching new customers.

Wide range of settings

The system allows you to define various sources and subsequently events according to specific needs and requirements.

Custom forms

You can extend the reservation form according to your needs and get all the necessary information from the customers or adjust the price.

Marketing communication

Do you want to send booking instructions, evaluation questionnaire or SMS code to customers? This is no problem using custom messages.

Check-in applications

Using QR codes and a check-in application (for Android and iOS) you can easily check tickets directly at the event!

What the system reenio users say

Selected reservation system operators

Made for You

With the wide setting options of website design and reservation parameters, the system reenio adapts to the specific needs of your business.

The system is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for larger companies with dozens of establishments.

Are you wondering if the on-line reservation system is right for you? Browse FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or DOCUMENTATION and try reenio.

Plans and prices

For small business owners or simply to become familiar with the reenio system, the FREE version is available, which we offer for FREE and without time limit.
There are no installation fees. Get started with the reenio reservation system! A simple registration in just a few minutes is all it takes.


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Subscriptions that are suitable for different types of business, according to specific needs. They offer not only various limits of some parameters, but also specific features and options.

Price list of subscriptions

Detailed information about features and subscriptions can be found in the price list.

Why to use the online reservation system?

Savings and economic efficiency of your business

The group of customers who are close to technology is constantly growing. Their expectations to solve standard life situations online begin with ordering a tennis court, a massage, arranging a deadline for tire changeover and ending with the purchase of a theatre or concert ticket. If customers can view the current availability of services, free dates or places and then book them online, this fundamentally affects their motivation to use your services. The online reservation system reenio can bring you not only new customers, but also streamline your normal business activities. This brings you savings, new opportunities and business improvement.

Modern technology from cloud to mobile phone and internet payments

The main feature of modern cloud-based systems is to move all technical issues to providers. There is no need to solve hardware acquisition, software installation, pay consultant or developer. You only pay for the service you use. All you need is a modern web browser and a device connected to the Internet (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone). This concept ensures that continuous updates, bug fixes, or implementation of new features are provided automatically, as you use the system.

Our reservation system is a certified solution for providing GoPay payment gateways.
The winner of the category of “Smarter Region - Moravian-Silesian Region“     The winner of the category of “Smarter Region - Moravian-Silesian Region“
The reenio project won awards in the competition for the best smart solutions in the Moravian-Silesian Region 2017 in the category of "de-bureaucracy".

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